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Additional Notes



Affiliated Players to a maximum of three are allowed. Affiliates are to replace players not coming to the tournament, not to bolster rosters. ie: If a team has 15 registered players all year they may only play with up to 15 players in the tournament.
Any player name that appears on the tournament registration form but does not appear on the Provincial / State registration forms must have proof of birth date, association affiliation, and normal playing level. 
Players not listed on the Tournament Registration form may not participate.  Registered players can play on one team only. 
A player/coach/team official may participate with one team only.


Every attempt is made to ensure that your team will be slotted into the proper competitive level. 
AAA teams are the top teams in each level, 
AA teams are the second best teams, 
A teams are third best in a level and 
B teams represent the lower skill level competitive teams. 
C teams are teams classed as Recreational or House League teams
These classifications are based on the Nova Scotia rating system which may vary from your Province / State.


Final team placement or categorization will be done by the Tournament Committee and will be based on your team location, plus league and exhibition games played prior to February 2015. To assist us in this classification process, we request that you provide as much information as possible on your league standing or exhibition games.
Final team placement is at the discretion of the tournament committee.


Please note the tournament provides a maximum of twenty (20) awards (medals, jackets, etc.) per winning team which includes all players and coaching staff.


Game Entrance costs are $12.00 for a Tournament Pass and $5.00 for a Day Pass. Tournament passes will be available for purchase in bulk (minimum of 10) by teams prior to the tournament at a cost of $12.00.


Team transportation while at the tournament is the team’s responsibility.


Once you have registered, check the website regularly for updated information.
Schedules will be available on the site commencing in late March 2015. After the middle of March you should check daily since the last two weeks before the tournament tend to be like the stock market "Volatile".

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